XFBB: Cleveland Cavaliers going forward into 2016

So my team is doing pretty well so far, which I am happy to say.

Durant, Bosh and Horford are all meeting the expectations I hoped they would be when I drafted them back in October. My role players like Jameer Nelson, Devin Harris, Gorgi Dieng and others have also contributed to my success and I hope that I can carry the early wins into some playoff series wins as well.

As far as trading is concerned I am looking for a middle range SF, SG that can backup Durant as I don’t have a second unit small forward. I will be taking deals for Larkin, if that is a guy you feel you can build around. Now that football is over I hope XFB can get into full gear in terms of participation is concerned and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful articles that come out on the website. Good luck to all the teams that involved and I hope your you meet the goals for your team in 2016.



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