Oakland Raiders trade Emmanuel Sanders to Chiefs

The Oakland Raiders made a stunning move today with trading wide out Emmanuel Sanders.

Chiefs have acquired Raiders star wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders for TE Tyler Higbee, and DE Trey Flowers, according to sources close to the Raiders. The Chief confirmed the trade.

“The Kansas City Chiefs approached us about wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders,” Raiders general manager Rinku said. “Sanders has a solid 200-plus Point track record over the past two seasons, and looks to have upside as the Denver Broncos offense stabilizes the offensive line, running game, and quarterback play. However, we are happy to obtain emerging players in defensive end Trey flowers, the converted Arkansas tight end the Patriots have developed into a pass rush specialist. He finished the season with 45 tackles and 7 sacks, and was instrumental in there playoff push. Tyler Higbee is a young player and speculation buy in a very young and emerging Rams passing game.”

No comments from GM Justin of the Chiefs on their latest trade.

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