League Update


I have a few news and notes to announce to the league.

Refund Stance

Do I take a hard stance when it comes to league refund? YES. I have an obligation to the league to ensure longevity of the league. Nothing highlights longevity more than when an owner invests financially into this league and their future (future draft picks) of their team in this league. This lets other owners recognize that you are full committed to the league and you are totally invested in respecting the league rules. Regardless of the owner, regardless of the owner status, my obligation is with executing the league rules that are in place to ensure consistency. The bylaws clearly states:

  1. An owner leaving the league due to “cause,” such as: rule violations, lack of participation, or other inappropriate causes forfeit their league fee and pre-paid fees made unless an agreement exists with League Commissioner.
  2. An owner leaving the league due to “choice” may recover pre-paid fees by finding a suitable replacement owner for their franchise or making other suitable arrangements with League Commissioner.

Quitting the league right on the spot or consistently disregarding the rules for months shouldn’t mean you are entitled to a refund. At end of last season, we had 6 or 7 owners abruptly quit then expected a refund for quitting. Similar to a work environment, I think it is an unprofessional way of doing business when an individual abruptly quits without giving any kind of notice.

The way to obtain a refund in this league is to (1) do not be kicked out for rule violation, (2) provide notice ahead of time of your decision so we can work-out an exit strategy. For instance, former owner Brad of the Dolphins gave me noticed a month ahead of time before it was officially announced to the league. He notified me in late November that he has personal matters going on and he won’t be coming back to the league. We worked for 3 or 4 weeks during that time to find a replacement owner.   Brad help advertise the league on message board forums and other spots to help recruit for his position. The point is he worked with me to help setup arrangement instead of forcing the league into a bad situation by rudely quitting.

League Front Office Team (Management Team)

Last month, I made a decision that is in the best interest of XFF.   I dissolved our front office management team during the first week of June. The decision was made for several reasons. We had a major conflict of interest when I discovered that the guys that are on the management team are also competing in the clone league of this league. The clone league is the league of former XFF owners that quit the league or were removed from the league.

Not one person on the management team (excluding Adam of Chicago Bears) of them ever mentioned that they were participating in this clone league. This clone league has been attempting to recruit numerous of owners from this league. They had bad mouth me and the league. They aren’t obligated to say anything to me but out of respect that would have been the right thing to do.  Especially if these folks are slandering my name and as well as talking bad about the league, or sabotaging forums each time we try to recruit new owners for this league.  So, I felt in my heart it was in the best interest of the league that the front office management team is dissolved. Also worth mentioning is the XFF management team I trusted from last season is operating this clone league. They planned the clone league for months during our XFF season last season. This clone league has been operating since January 2016 and is filled with existing members of XFF league. The members that didn’t get an invite were either considered too loyal to the league or weak links. Many of these XFF members participating in the clone league are the ones who have pushed back on league participation and have not participated in any of the league critical poll. The writing is on the wall for what their next move is…So folks when you hear other individuals in the league say let’s whip the slate clean, this is the stuff that folks are referring to in this league.

So, I’m getting rid of the front office management team and moving to another approach for league operation. Today, we are launching a Rules Enforcement Committee hereafter referred to as REC to help with applying rules more consistently.


This is something I’ve needed for last 2 season. I can’t be on the league site 24-hours a day. We have some of the sharpest owners in the fantasy industry and owners are always looking for an edge. Most league probably don’t need anything like this arrangement but a league of this size with a 90% hardcore competitive nature – it’s in the best interest to setup a committee dedicated to ensuring I don’t miss infractions. So, I reached out to several individuals last week and asked them to be a part of this committee. This is what I need today and this will enable more consistency. Please don’t view this as something negative. This is something that is needed for the league and really helps me out with managing the league. I will be the spokesperson for REC to protect these individuals from backlash and so the culture doesn’t turn negative like last season. The bylaws will be updated to reflect this critical change in the management of the league.

REC Team 1

League Committee – Effective today, the league will no longer operate with a league committee. Instead we will go directly to the league as whole for any type of issues that derive during the season. This is the way I’ve been operating matters this off-season and I think this model give all owners a voice in this league.

Further League Transparency with infractions and rule violations – I created a thread http://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2016/mb/topic_show.pl?bid=201615998&tid=4645477 a few months ago to highlight the league rule violations. It’s been difficult to keep this updated regularly instead I will update my master league tracker sheet so folks can see what I’m working on and what the league is tracking. Please check out the spreadsheet here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1brzjmrsyz9htW1M5IMaihDR8ycqObwzadJ11DPa_cbk/edit?usp=sharing

More Communication – Since we have lots of new owners in the league, I will be increasing some of my league-wide communications to make you aware of important league policy, practices, and key dates. My goal is to touch on a topic or so each week to help raise the awareness.

Overall, I believe the actions above will have help to build a more consistency, transparency, and trust in this league. We have learned a lot of lessons over the past 3-years and I hope you support my new direction for the league. I hope you feel positive in the direction of the league as we are working our butts off to bring this league back to the top! #Pissed Off For Greatness!

Thanks again,


League Commissioner (Burgundy and Gold)



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