Deep Thoughts with Porpoise “Backup Players”


The league has been buzzing about the rulebook lately. Namely, a few controversial rules that were utilized to acquire players for nothing, as well as claim future college players. Denver managed to pilfer his division rival’s 1st round pick from the 2015 XFF draft, Dorial Green-Beckham… or Dorial Green Bay if you are “Matt Hell Raven” Vasquez. In the spirit of fair play (and to help some of the newer GMs out), I would like to examine a rule that perhaps some of you aren’t utilizing to the fullest extent. Today we take a closer look at the Backup Player slots.

Your weekly lineup consists of 21 offensive and defensive player positions as well as two backup player slots. These two backup player slots can be extremely useful in allowing you to take extra risk as you set your lineup.

Let’s say you plan on starting 3RBs and 2WRs on the offensive side of the ball. Your top WR prospects are… Antonio Brown, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Amari Cooper. Unfortunately, Amari Cooper had his head caved in by PacMan Jones last week and is questionable. Surely you would prefer to start Cooper over Patterson (Just that easy!), but the chance that Cooper may sit this week out might cause you to play it safe and bench him. Fear not! This is where you can be strategic with your backup player slots. Start Cooper and Brown with confidence and tuck Patterson in a backup slot for insurance. If once the game gets underway and Cooper doesn’t play a single snap*… you get 100% of Patterson’s points (likely 3… but still!). YOU MUST notify commish (by 6pm Tuesday EST) of your intention to swap the players out.


*The player’s points must have a dash – and not a 0 after the game. They can not take the field for a single snap for the backup player swap to work. (You may swap out a TEs for WRs or RBs – or – LBs for DTs etc… the lineup just has to be valid.) I hope this sheds some light on a rule that may have been overlooked or underutilized by some of the GMs in the league. Good Luck and remember… the league can only be as good as it’s weakest GM.

From the bylaws…

Article II – Section 4:F
“Two Backup Players are available for use in the weekly lineups. If a player in the starting lineup does not play (due to injury, being benched, etc.) then the backup player can be manually substituted into the starting lineup. To accomplish the substitution, the GM must notify the Commissioner that a starter did not play and identify which Backup Player he would like to use. QBs, Team OFF, Kickers, Punters, or TS players may not be used as backup players. 100% of the Backup Player’s points will be added to the team’s score for that week. GM’s will have until 6pm EST on Tuesday to substitute a Backup Player.”

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